VCI Tuffpaulin

Tuffpaulin is a special type of tarpaulin. A tarpaulin is a material which has been designed to be treated to be waterproof or water resistant. Tarpaulins are used in a large range of applications for everything from providing shelter from inclement weather to protecting flooring from paint drips. It is sold in hardware stores sell tarpaulins or “tarps” as they are sometimes called, and it is also possible to purchase large sheets of tarpaulin material and cut them down into a specific desired size. A typical Tuffpaulin is very thick and heavyweight, that resists high air, winds and airborne objects. Tuffpaulins are produced in a woven pattern, that makes them rough and stiff to the touch. [read more] They also typically have thicker folded and sealed edges with eyelets, making it possible for people to run rope and hence the tarpaulin can be tied it to various objects. Tarps are available in many colour options like bright colors like blue and orange, which makes them very easy to spot





Physical Properties Test Method
Colour  Visual Blue, White, Yellow, Green
Thickness Availability  Micrometer  100, 150, 200, 250, 300 gsm
Specific Gravity  ASTM D 1298  0.92
Surface pH  9
VCI Test (VIA)  Pass
Salt Spray in VCI  ASTM B 117  1000 hrs +
Tensile Strength (100 gsm film)  MD/CD  18/17 MPa
Dart Impact Strength (100 gsm film)  ASTM 1709-09  300 gf
Elongation  450%


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