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VCI Masking Stickers

RUST-X VCI Masking sticker is the ultimate solution in the industry for corrosion prevention and scratch prevention. The product has a polymer white layer which is made from a co-extrusion process that has inside black film and further is co-joined with a black release base. The adhesives used are stain free release that leave no residue on the surface of metal on which it is pasted. The film is impregnated with VCI additives during manufacturing process to enable corrosion prevention throughout the application life of product. The product has great UV protection for upto 2-5 years and don’t disintegrate so easily. The film also has great puncture resistance, tensile strength and surface finish.[read more]
Once applied on the surface it protects the metal from corrosion for upto 5 years depending on the location where the part is placed and the environmental conditions. The adhesive doesn’t release the metal at all and leave a dry part after peel off.[/read]





  • Corrosion prevention without oil application
  • Surface protection of parts
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • No tacky residue on metal surface
  • Best in class technology for VCI impregnation
  • Multilayered film for low WVTR and OTR
  • No effect of acidic environment on the parts
  • Excellent dimensional stability during service life – no shrinkage
  • Comfortable to flat and curved surfaces
  • Excellent outdoor stability and removability
  • No residue on painted surfaces

Clean the area to be protected using a cloth or solvent or water spray Remove the paper backing from the rolls or die cuts or sheets Paste the VCI masking sticker ensuring that there are no air gaps in the product

Packaging Available

Custom, Die Cut, Rolls and Sheets

Safety Informatione

RUST-X products do not contain Lead (Pb), Mercury (Hg), Cadmium (Cd), Hexavalent Chromium (Cr6), Polybrominated biphenyls (PBB), or Polybrominated di-phenylether complying with the re-stricted substances listed in Article 4(1) of the RoHS Directive RUST-X products are also REACH Compliant for exports to the European Union.

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