Rust Converters

Rust Converter is a powerful oxidation converter designed for use on various steels, iron, cast iron and copper, metals & aluminum. Neutra-coat Rust Converter is an aqueous solution that converts rust from its depth to a protective black layer. The biggest advantage is that the components do not get rusty again after removing from solution it forms a black protective layer on the metal surface which can then be painted for longer life. It is neutral in nature and can be used in variety of automotive, civil, construction and oil & gas applications


Physical Properties Test Method Value
Viscosity @ cSt @ 40° C ASTM D 445 1 cSt
Specific Gravity ASTM D 1298 1.0
Flash point (before application) ASTM D 92 Non-Flammable
Indoor Protection Life (open) Up to 6 months
Indoor Protection life (packed) Up to 2 years
Packaged Protection Life in (VCI Packaging) Up to 5years

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