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VCI Barrier Foils

Aluminium barrier foils are a perfect combinations to reduce WVTR and OTR penetration inside the packaging and provide enhanced shelf life to the products. They can be vacuumed , heat sealed and stored for longer periods without the risk of losing the original condition of the product was initially packaged. 3 dimensional covers for machines, Pallet liners as well as can be supplied in 2 Dimensional bags or sheet for packaging of parts. It is meant for product protection of ferrous and nonferrous metals.Lumber,steel ,agricultural, furniture, machinery, etc and primarily for industrial use.



Product Code Description Construction GSM Compliance
VCI 761 VCI Metal Barrier PET+METAL+VCI Film 100/125/150 TL8135-0043
VCI 1165 VCI Albar Scrim PET+AL foil+Scrim+VCI Film 105/130/160 DIN555331 MIL PRF131
VCI 995 VCI Albar Foil PET+AL Foil+VCI Film 100/125/150/200 MIL PRF 131J
VCI 985 VCI Albar Fabric PET+PE+Al Foil+PE+Raffia 200 DIN55531-1
VCI 995 VCI Anti Static Bags PET+AL Foil+VCI Antistatic Film 100/125/150 TL8135-0043

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