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VCI Lamina Shrink Films

RustX VCI Lamina Films are manufactured using state of the art SMP Technology for speedy moisture passivation and provides long term corrosion protection to the packaged equipment. It is made by adding a special layer VCI in the co extrusion structure of the film manufactured. Lamina shrink films when sealed isolates the packed machinery and equipment’s from influx of humidity and VCI pacifies the environment inside the packaging. RustX Thermo shrink films are cross linked which increases the strength between the molecular chain and provides very high tear and tensile strength and dart impact.



Product Code Description Construction GSM Compliance
VCI 714 VCI Lamina Shrink 3 Layers Film with VCI 100/150/200/250/300 TL8135-0043
GE ITN 54750.02
UV 712 Shrink Film  3 Layers Film 100/150/200/250/300 GE ITN 54750.02

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