VCI Jelly Wax

RUST-X VCI Jelly Wax 164 is a viscous wax type mineral oil based product, which can be applied with a brush. The viscous gel hardens to form a waxy coat which is highly active against corrosion under the most damaging environmental conditions and provides longterm corrosion protection to the parts on which it is applied. The VCI Jelly Wax is tacky and stays on the surface and is not easily removed by handling and re-handling. This can be used to protect structures, chemical plants and equipment that are intended for outdoor storage or are located in open areas and need protection. These can also be used to protection unpacked refinery equipment oil pipeline equipment and valves, off shore refinery parts which are not painted or coated and require protection or during the storage while commissioning, for lay-up during shut-downs and also on heat exchangers, windmills and auto motives.



Physical Properties Test Method Value
Color Visual Amber Liquid
Freezing Point -20oC
Specific Gravity ASTM D 1298 0.87
Film Thickness (Depends upon application method) 25-200 microns
Appearance Waxy
Flash Point ASTM D 92 105oF
Degreasability with solvents Passes
Indoor Protection Life in 10 Years
VCI packaging
Outdoor Protection Life in VCI packaging 5 Years
Outdoor Protection Life 2 -3 Years
Open (covered)
Salt Spray Test 1000hrs
Coverage (Depends upon application method brush or dip) Upto 3-5sq meters/ltr
Humidity cabinets ASTM-D-1748 1500 hours
Indoor Protection Life (open) 6 months+
Indoor protection life (packed) 2 years+
Packaged Protection Life (In VCI Packaging) Up to 5 Years

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