VCI Crepe Paper


RUST-X manufactures VCI Crepe Papers which have exceptional strength, tear resistance. Volatile Chemicals coated on Natural Kraft Paper can provide protection for long time in packaged condition. Goods wrapped in or protected by RUST-X VCI crepe paper are not affected by corrosion. The reason for this is that the air surrounding the metals protected with RUST-X crepe paper. RUST-X VCI crepe paper is very heavily impregnated with the inhibitors released from the protective paper.


  • Economical to use
  • Easy to install Protects up to 10 years
  • Effective dry protection
  • Specially developed for Iron & Aluminum, Copper, Zinc, Chrome and all metals and
  • Protects mostly all metal systems
  • Easy to use and only needs to be wrapped or placed along with the part to be protected
  • Can also interleaved within metal plates or sheets

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